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Our Wellness Program is designed to improve overall well-being by guiding you step-by-step to a healthier way of life.

The global pandemic taught us how important it is to make our health a priority. No matter your age, ability or activity level, our customized program will include an exercise plan that you can easily follow based on your favorite activity (walk, hike, run, swim, bike, kayak, row...). It also includes nutrition guidance, frequent webinars that cover rest/sleep, stress management, and other important information that will help form consistent healthy habits.   

Everyone, regardless of age and ability, will benefit and progress at their own level.

All you need is the will to improve the quality of your life.

racelab's legendary team environment and support system will cheer you on (virtually) at every turn of your journey!

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racelab WELLNESS            $225.00 / 3 months

                                                                                                       $75 / month

The Racelab WELLNESS program is geared towards improving overall quality of life by creating healthy habits. This program is for ANY age, activity level, or ability. Included is:

  • A fully customized exercise Schedule (every 4 weeks)

    • Choose any (or combination of) aerobic activity or sport that you enjoy and/or have access to​... (walk, hike, run, bike, swim, kayak, row, etc.).

    • Your coach will provide a detailed plan and instruct how frequent, long, and intense your workouts should be.

    • Your schedule will be based on your activity choices, fitness level, experience and time availability... ​

  • Nutrition information and tips.

  • Unlimited contact with your coach

  • Biweekly Webinars on wellness topics such as Nutrition, Stress Management, Rest and Sleep, etc

  • The racelab Team; A nurturing, respectful and fun social network of like minded "Racelabbers" to keep you motivated and positive on your health journey

    • Virtual gatherings, discussion forums, etc., will be held on a regular basis​


For sign up, questions, and information, call 480 334 0907




The process of becoming aware and practicing healthy habits on a daily basis to attain better physical and mental health.


Why it matters...

Wellness matters because everything we do and every emotion we feel relates to our well being. This in turn, affects our actions and reactions, The better our well-being, the better we subdue stress, reduce the risk of illness and ensure positive social interactions. 

Our Immune System and Infectious Diseases...


...Such as COVID-19 have forced us to focus on the importance of maintaining our Immune System in optimal shape… The single best way to progressively strengthen and keep our immune system strong is to live a healthy lifestyle = WELLNESS !!

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