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Running is more than just a way to get in shape. It's a way to lead a healthier life by benefiting every part of your body. Racelab's Running Programs are fantastic for improving your skills by giving structure and running form optimization to your training. Whether you are just starting to jog or want to qualify for the Boston Marathon, we'll make sure that no workout goes to waste. Our attention to each athletes personal needs, experience and goals will get you where you want to go, while enjoying this wonderful sport!

RUNNING programs

RUN – GOAL                                          $120.00 / 4 wks

The RUN – Goal Program is a great option for athletes who are just starting out or want to maintain their fitness with some structure. It includes:

  • A customized training Schedule (every 4 weeks)

  • Unlimited contact with your coach (email & phone)

  • Ongoing goal assessment

  • Race strategy

  • Weekly Speed Sessions (Track)

  • Group Runs

  • Informational Clinics/Meetings


RUN – PERFORMANCE                     $160.00 / 4 wks


A more comprehensive choice for runners that want to reach the next level of performance or want to run their first Half- or Full Marathon. It consists of what is offered for the RUN - Goal program plus:

  • Heart rate based, fully customized Training Schedule (Every 4 weeks - based on your Test results)

  • Training Log Review - Weekly

  • Workout / Garmin Reviews/ Analysis

  • Schedule adjustments (as needed)

  • Race Readiness and Strategies (Heart Rate Based)

  • Initial Run Technique Assessment

  • Nutritional guidance

  • Monthly Face-to-Face meeting with Coach


RUN – EXCEL                                          $210.00 / 4 wks


The most comprehensive option for Running training is the RUN – Excel Program. This program is intended for those athletes who have a very specific goal in mind, improve Personal Records, and/or want to qualify for a specific Marathon race. It includes what is offered by the Goal and Performance programs plus::

  • Injury Prevention and Management Guidance

  • Weekly Face-to-Face Meeting with Coach

  • Nutritional Strategies for Training and Racing

RUN – Coached Speed Sessions (Track)   $65.00 /4 wks


Racelab’s Coached Running sessions focus on form, speed and technique. Coaches will evaluate and correct your stride to make you as efficient as possible while working on intervals and speed.

RUN – Schedule Only               $80.00 – $160.00 / 4 wks

(depending on your needs)

Perfect for those who live out of town, travel a lot or don’t wish to participate in Group or Speed sessions! The rate for this program varies on what level of coaching you desire and can include any of the above.

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For sign up, questions, and information, call 480 502 9975

Advanced Payment Discounts:

24 weeks - 5%

48 weeks - 10%

Initial Fee: $130.00

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