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****Due to COVID-19 Health Guidelines, facility availability and wanting to keep our athletes and coaches safe, we are currently limiting our Group workouts.   Our priority is the health of our athletes and coaches.    For more information on what group workouts are currently held, please contact us HERE

Do you want to improve your swim technique and times? Interested in Open Water or Marathon Swimming? Racelab's experienced and qualified coaches will give you everything you need! From making sure that your stroke has the right balance between speed and efficiency, to providing you with a training plan that will assure that you develop the necessary endurance to finish any long distance challenge. This program offers coached pool group sessions, one-on-one sessions, open water coached group sessions, and video analysis.

Why is learning how to swim so important?

Being a competent swimmer can save your child’s life (and yours's). In addition, learning to swim provides challenges and rewards that help children become self-confident.

And let’s remember that swimming provides important health benefits and is a lot of fun for people of all ages.

Semi-private and private lessons for kids and adults…
We will travel to the pool of your choice. You will save time and gas.. Flexible schedules scheduling.

SWIM – Coached Sessions         $120.00 / 4 wks

Swimming is a sport that relies almost entirely on technique, rather than just strength and endurance. Racelab’s Coached Swimming sessions focus on form, speed and technique.  


Our coaches will analyze your stroke and work with you to make it as efficient as possible. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned swimmer, we will challenge and push you. All levels of athletes benefit from these workouts.

  • All SWIM Coached Sessions (2+ / week)

  • All Open Water Swims (seasonal)

SWIM – Performance                   $180.00 / 4 wks

The SWIM-Performance Program offers a complete Training experience that is geared towards improving performance in the water for long distance swims. You will be provided one initial Swim Video Analysis, a custom training program based on current skill/endurance level, past experience, etc. and all Swim Coached Sessions to help you reach your goals. Included is:

  • Initial Swim Video Analysis

  • A fully customized training Schedule (every 4 weeks)

  • All SWIM Coached Sessions (2+ / week)

  • All Open Water Swims (seasonal)

  • Unlimited contact with your coach

  • Ongoing goal assessment

  • Race strategy and

  • Racelab CLUB Membership - see above

Swim Instruction Fees.png

The details:

  • Instructor will go to the pool of your choice (within the Phoenix metro area) for no extra charge.

  • Ages: 3 to 110

  • Kids groups must be of similar ages: 3-4, 5-6, 7-9, 10-12; and ability.

  • Recommended session times are ages 3-6: 30 minutes, 7-9: 45 minutes, 10+: 60 minutes.

  • Parents or parents’ representative (in writing) must be present during entire session and supervise, either from inside the house, or from the pool deck.

  • If swimmer is late, instructor will wait for 15 minutes. Thereafter, session will be considered as taught.

  • Booked sessions can be cancelled up to 90 minutes before the agreed session time (the sooner, the better). Thereafter, session will be considered as taught.

  • Family / friends’ discounts available as long as sessions are booked back to back at the same location.

  • If lesson is given in a neighborhood or gym pool, parents will be responsible of arranging the necessary permissions.

  • For effective instruction, pool water temperature is required to be between 78- and 90-degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Fees valid until 6/30/2021

Instructor: Gus Warnholtz

I am passionate about teaching children and

adults how to swim, as I believe it is an

essential skill in life. Teaching kids (and adults)

to be safe in and around water is my priority.

Second is for them to master moving and

having fun in the water with confidence,

focusing on improving their water skills and

stamina. Third is to introduce them to

Mastering swimming strokes and swimming

competition. I am a retired aerospace engineer

who has coached swimmers and triathletes for

more than 20 years. I was also a PE teacher in

an elementary school, teaching swimming for two years. I swam competitively in High School and College and am still actively training for triathlon and open water competitions.

I enjoy working with kids enormously and base my instruction on fostering a strong trust link, mutual respect, and fun. I have been married for 37 years and I am currently teaching my grandkids how to swim!

CALL 480 544 7778

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