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Analysis & consults

Our priority is to provide our athletes with the tools they need to accomplish their goals. Every person is unique and has different backgrounds and experiences. Our Analysis, One-on-One Sessions and Consultations give you that extra attention that can make a big difference. 

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Running Gait Analysis


Whether a beginning to jog or  a seasoned runner, most of us are placing undue strain on our bodies, as well as compromising out speed, by using the wrong technique. Taking a closer look at your running gait can give you the opportunity to perfect your form, gain speed and avoid injury.


Our Gait Video Analysis will guide you, step by step, through each frame of your stride to identify areas where your biomechanics can be improved. We will show you area specific stretches and drills to further help you zero in on those slight changes and become a more efficient runner.


Includes: Evaluation – Frame-by-Frame Video Analysis – Drills & Exercises – Stretching – Summary

Swim Stroke Analysis


When it comes to swimming, 80% of your success comes from improving your technique. Therefore, your greatest gains in speed will occur only when that technique is perfected.


During your Swim Video Analysis, we will videotape you above and below the water surface from different angles. We will then go over each frame with you to assess your stroke, timing, body position, balance, rotation, breathing, kicking, etc. You’ll receive specific drills and exercises to help you become more streamlined in the water.


Includes: Evaluation – Frame by Frame Video Analysis – Drills & Exercises – Stretching – Summary

One-on-One Sessions

These are Private Training sessions in Running, Swimming & Biking with our great coaches. Whether you want to work on something specific or would like feedback on general form, technique & strategy. Our One-on-One Sessions are a great tool for you! 

We will schedule a location and time that is convenient for you!

VO2 Max Testing & Heart Rate Zones


VO2Max refers to the maximum amount of oxygen your body is capable of using to make energy. It is a good indicator of performance potential in endurance sports. With the results of your Vo2Max test we are able to determine your specific Heart Rate zones, which can then be used to train smarter and more effectively.

Race Strategy Consultation


Training is not enough. It’s incredibly important to apply that training through a

sound race strategy. Before your big event, your Racelab coach will work with you to create your Race Strategy. This will cover everything from nutrition (before/during/after) and your Heart Rate zones, to what to wear and Mental Readiness. We’ve got you covered. This is what you’ve been working towards and Racelab will be there to make sure you’re ready.


Race Nutrition Consultation


There is so much information out there regarding nutrition in general. Yet  there is rarely one thing that works for everybody. Each person has different nutritional needs based on body composition, fat burning rate, how much they are training, resting, etc. Daily nutrition has to be balanced and has to mesh with your training and racing to be effective.


We will work with you to determine your ideal caloric intake, your specific hydration needs, during training as well as your race. 


Nutrition can either "Make" or "Break" a long distance event. Make sure you're prepared!

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