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hiking - power hiking - trail running

Power hiking provides optimal anaerobic fitness and strength training benefits, not only because the unevenness of the terrain engages many muscles during long activity sessions, but it also challenges coordination, agility and balance more so than running or walking on roads. Avoiding falls, negotiating steep slopes, cutting around sharp corners and landing on unstable surfaces all help build your athleticism. Racelab will provide you with a personalized training program that will tell you how frequently, how long, and how intense each activity session should be, taking into account your fitness level and time availability. We will also point you to the best trail routes for you to enjoy the beauty of Arizona. You will have continuous communication with your coach, who will motivate you and provide all the information you will need to reach your fitness and athletic goals. Call us to sign up and get you going!

HIKE - Goal  Program                                   $120.00 / 4 wks

The Goal Program is a great option for hikers and trail runners who are just starting out or want to start improving their fitness with some structure. It includes:

  • A fully customized training Schedule (every 4 weeks)

  • Unlimited contact with your coach (email & phone)

  • Ongoing goal assessment

  • Weekly Speed Sessions (Track)

  • Group Training / Outings

  • Informational Clinics/Meetings


HIKE - Performance Program                 $160.00 / 4 wks


A more comprehensive choice is the Performance Program. If you have a time or goal and want to reach the next level of your training or want to tackle some serious hiking challenges (like crossing the Grand Canyon), then this is the program for you! It consists of:

  • A fully customized training schedule (created every 4 weeks)

  • Heart rate based training (based on your V02 Max results)

  • Monthly log revisions

  • Schedule adjustments (as needed)

  • Unlimited contact with your coach (email & phone)

  • Ongoing goal assessment

  • Nutritional guidance

  • Weekly Speed Sessions (Track)

  • Group Training / Outings

  • Informational Clinics/Meetings

Training Schedule Only            $80.00 – $160.00 / 4 wks

(depending on your needs)

Perfect for those who live out of town, travel a lot or don’t wish to participate in Group or Speed sessions! The rate for this program varies on what level of coaching you desire and can include any of the above.


Advanced Payment Discounts:

24 weeks - 5%

48 weeks - 10%

Initial Fee: $150.00

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