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What it includes:

  • Training Plan

  • Online Community

  • Weekly content to motivate you

  • Weekly Informative Webinars

  • Virtual Event

  • Finisher's T-Shirt and Medal

Price: $100

New dates Coming soon

Training Plan

Upon purchase, you will receive a training plan to prepare you for your 35, 70, or 105 mile week. 

Online Community

The Online Community aspect of this experience is what sets it apart. By accepting this challenge, you join a private Facebook group designed to encourage you and hold you accountable. It will be a positive place where you can post about your triumphs and your struggles through your training. This is also where you'll have direct access to our coaches for when you have questions.

Weekly Content

The Online Community also serves as a platform for weekly motivational content and informative webinars that cover topics such as Nutrition, Mental Toughness, Cross-Training, Stretching and much more.

Virtual Event

There are plenty of virtual events available but this one stands apart in that it lasts an entire week! Each day you will post your day's completed run so that your teammates can cheer you on and at the end of it all, we'll send you a medal and a comfy, Next Level t-shirt so you can show off your accomplishment!

run the week

Run The Week is a new challenge for beginner and experienced athletes alike. 


This 16-week experience takes your running to the next level and culminates in a 7-Day Virtual Challenge where you run 5, 10, or 15 miles per day, depending on which level you choose. 

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