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Endurance Sports Coaching and Training Team

You'll never know your full potential until you push yourself to find it.

Individualized coaching within a healthy and engaging team environment.
Beginners to advanced athletes welcome!


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"Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t...
you’re right."        - H. Ford

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Coaching Programs - Endurance Sports... is what we do:

We coach people of all ages and experience to improve their quality of life or become better athletes. Each athlete's program is created individually according to their needs and their goals, all within a friendly and healthy team environment.

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Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned athlete, Racelab's mission is to improve your athletic performance through comprehensive, high-quality endurance training programs designed individually to fit your specific goals, ability and daily schedule, all while providing a positive, friendly, family-like environment where all members encourage and support each other.

Our passion for endurance sports as a way to a healthier and happier lifestyle is based on the positive impact we've seen it have on the lives of our athletes. We strive to help every one of our athletes reach and surpass their goals.   Read more...


OUR COACHES all adhere to a simple philosophy: We exist to coach athletes responsibly and effectively, while providing a healthy, encouraging environment that welcomes athletes off all levels.

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       "I am extremely grateful to be a part of the team and there's a reason I have stuck with and believed in their training methods since 2004 (and continue to do so despite living in a different state). Since racing with them, I've gone from 5k runner to multiple World Championship qualifier (70.3 and IM) and I haven't had a race that I would classify as "bad," given my fitness level. Sure, there are times that I would consider "slow" compared to my potential, but that was always from a lack of fitness due to my personal endeavors and schedule. Every time I stick to the training plan and race plan, I have a good race. With the unpredictability of Ironman distance triathlons, Bettina has a remarkable track record at not only getting athletes across the finish line, but also at getting the athletes to have very strong, evenly paced Ironman races.

Thanks to Bettina's patient, logical, and smart approach to my development as an athlete, I am now preparing to race my second Ironman World Championship next month, and I can't wait to share the experience with her there!"



       "VO2 Max Testing is the best measure of an individual’s metabolism and physiology. By putting a testing patient under incremental stress loads, I am able to measure through gas exchange (Oxygen consumption, Carbon Dioxide Production) how and where the body is utilizing its fuel sources (Carbohydrate and Fat). Testing can be performed on the bicycle (stationary trainer) or running (Treadmill). Heart Rate is measured through a wireless monitor and gas exchange is measured through a facial mask that is connected to a full Metabolic Measuring Cart. As stress in increased to the body (speed increase on the treadmill, resistance increase on the bicycle) the body will use and change its fuel sources depending on intensity and fitness levels.

       I personally have tested over 4500 people in my career so far and have yet to have 2 tests come out the same. Everyone is so individualized and unique. General population charts circulate out there (Males 220-age, Females 226-age,=Max Heart Rate). These charts on based on the general population and no individual is the general population. Testing specifically tells me what is going on with an individual’s physiology and metabolism.Testing is just one component to the entire picture. It’s not just the numbers but how an individual is utilizing the numbers.

       I have been Testing Racelab athletes for many years now. Bettina and the entire crew at Racelab have been using these numbers in comprehensive training plans. It is so much fun for me to meet and test all the athletes. What a great group of people. What is even more incredible, is to see how these athletes improve their fitness levels and reach and exceed their training/racing goals. Through Bettina’s and Gus’s guidance, their athletes have an advantage. I have seen every single one of their athletes through their heart rate training plans reach levels they would have never achieved without it. These athletes are achieving the most with every workout they perform. The biggest bang for the buck. This is clearly represented in an increase in fitness, overall feeling better, recovering better, and performing better. This would not be achievable without a solid training plan. I think Bettina is one of the best coaches I know. I would recommend her /Racelab to anyone. Not only a great person, but she knows her stuff. I have hundreds of scientific testing data to prove it." 


- Jeff Kitchen, Director of Exercise/Metabolic Testing

              Endurance Rehabilitation-Scottsdale


Tel:  480-334-0907

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